Andrea & Josh Wedding Invite

Andrea & Josh Wedding Invitation Package
Poster Invite / Zine Map & RSVP / Save the Date
Edition of 100
10" x 18"

A friend requested some screen printed wedding invites. Her then-fiancé used to play in a rock band and she wanted to make a nod to that.

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As my wedding present I offered to create a full package with maps, info and RSVP card in a Zine format. All of the printing, collating, scoring, folding and trimming was done by hand.
I wish I had production photos of that part of the process, but at the same time this was in the thick of things, I was also gearing up for a 1026 exhibit in Toronto at the Magic Pony store. Luckily I found some helping hands an ocassional friend or intern.

Zine 5 ½" x 8 ½"

Inside cover

Map & Directions

Tear Away RSVP card. Perforation was added with seamstress' stitch marker

100% Hand made

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