Mutter Museum XX04

Mütter XX04 - "The Big Nothing"
Commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art
Newsprint / 2 Colors
Edition 200
24" x 36"

In 2004 the Philadelphia ICA hosted a citywide art exhibition based on the Dadaist concept of nothingness. Again while I was working on the install team, the Whitney-Lauder Fellowship curator of the exhibition, Tanya Leighton, commissioned a printed poster for a satellite show at the Mütter Museum.

After showing her some work samples and concept sketches she invited me to add my own work into this venue's exhibition. The Mütter is a scientific museum of medical anomalies and an interesting place to check out.

The design is based off a Dadaist newsletter I found while researching the art movement. The photo was taken from the Mütter's film archive representing the 2nd floor balcony. I became good acquaintances with then museum director, Gretchen Worden, who gave me full access to the museum and archives for more research. She was battling with an illness at the time and, sadly, passed shortly after the show's closing. She is greatly missed.

After her fellowship, Tanya Leighton moved back to London and has since opened her own gallery in Berlin.

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