Ben Woodward for Fuel TV

FuelTv Artist Series: Ben Woodward
Animator / Director
Client: Fuel TV Network
Producer: Todd Dever
Music: Tracy Stanton
Software: Illustrator & Flash (animatic & pencil tests) / After Effects & Photoshop (Final)

*Awarded 2009 Pro Max Broadast Design Awards' Gold Medal for Art Direction and Design*

30 and 10 second Station Identification Series featuring contemporary Street-Artists. Our good friend, Ben Woodward, asked to us collaborate on his spot.

His intent was to make his signature characters move in a paper-puppet fashion. While working out the engineering, timing, and character-moves, we tested various body parts in illustrator and then sent the character architecture to Ben for him to paint the final elements.

Using timing from the Flash based pencil tests we recreated the paper version in After Effects.

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10sec Television Spot

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