A Purge of Dissidents

A Purge of Dissidents
Animator / Director
Client: OX-OP Gallery in assoc. with Ipecac Records
Artwork: James Dalek Marshall
Music: Tom HAZE XXL Hazelmyer
Software: Illustrator / Flash

OX-OP Gallery owner and noted street-artist, HAZE XXL, pitched a collaboration with long time friend and fellow artist Dalek. The project was a visual and music package of a book with CD soundtrack and animation DVD.

The final animation was 10 short episodes plus bonus easter egg episode. Total run time is 17minutes.

James created general storyboards with his iconic space-monkey characters and brief notes on scene changes, while Tom Hazelmyer sent music tracks to correspond to each board. James resides in New York City, Tom in Minneapolis and myself in Philadelphia. James and I met a few times to flush out episode transitions and character movement.

Animation Production was mostly done in Adobe Illustrator. Flash was still produced by Macromedia at the time and file importing from one program to the other was a bit clunky. James and I agreed built-in tweening in Flash felt canned so I animated each shot traditionally as a multi-layered Illustrator document. Layers were exported as frames and reassembled in Flash. This allowed more control of motion timing and stretching and squeezing.

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Episode 1



Here's a screen shot of the all frame-layers visible in Adobe Illustrator. Wish I had more, but the raw files are stuck on a failed external hard drive. One of these days I will drop the three grand and get the data recovered and post more production stills.

When I showed the multiple layers to James, he started incorporating the sequential imagery into his paintings.

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